Why are you saving?

Living a frugal lifestyle, watching your spending, and going without the extras are all important goals to have, and they can be necessary sometimes to get by. In my opinion, though, you need to have a reason to do these things, an end goal in mind, otherwise, all of the hard work that you put in will not have a point. It will also make it much easier to give up fancy coffee when you know that you are doing it so you won’t have house payments.

Money is an important tool, but it is just that, a tool. It does not have an inherent value, it is only valuable because of what can be done with it. Dying with more money does not make you better than anyone else, whether you got that money with a high-paying job or because you never went out to a fancy restaurant.

To me, a big part of living frugally is knowing when it is best to spend your money. To me, going on vacations and buying craft supplies are very valuable to my piece of mind and are worth budgeting for. To someone else, going to Starbucks in the morning for coffee or buying merchandise from their favorite fandom lifts their spirits and is an important part of their identity. These things have a different value to different people and spending money on it does not make anyone more or less frugal. What hurts a person the most is spending hard-earned money on something they do not care about when it would be better spent elsewhere.

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Slow Cooker

For Christmas I got a brand new Crockpot. I really miss using it, and since our stove is broken, now was the perfect time to experiment with freezer cooking. I found a list of easy recipes on pinterest. Here is the link: https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/new-leaf-wellness-9980653/10-easy-healthy-crockpot-chicken-freezer-4722523493. I like these recipes because they all use chicken, and there are only six ingredients. There is also a lot of overlap with the ingredients. This made shopping a lot easier. I only got enough stuff to make five meals. I’ll be trying out the first recipe tonight, and I will be sure to let you know how it tastes.

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Birchbox deal!

If you have Swagbucks, there is a deal where you can get 1500 points for subscribing to at least one month of Birchbox. It is a service that sends you beauty products once a month. It costs $10 a month. If you have not signed up for Swagbucks yet, you can sign up here:http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/chesirecat136

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Sucess! 79% Savings

I got pretty lucky with my Kroger shopping today. I had three Friday Freebie coupons, one of which will expire tomorrow. Also, I picked up a thing of Kroger brand coffee creamer which had a $0.40 off coupon available on the Kroger app. My total for four items was $2.19. All of the coupons were saved to my loyalty card so they came off automatically when I checked out.

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Sale on Sparkling Ice Tea

Kroger has a digital coupon for $0.20 off sparkling ice. This can be combined with an Ibotta offer for $0.50 back on Sparkling Ice Tea (must be tea, not the regular flavors). Since it is on sale for 10/$10 this brings the total to $0.30 for one. Enjoy!

P.S. If you redeem this Ibotta offer on two separate occasions you earn a $1.00 bonus, making this deal technically free.

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Sunday Coupons

I just started subscribing to my local Sunday paper again. This week had a few nice surprises. In the redplum flier there is a Covergirl coupon for $3 off an eye or lip product (excluding accessories and travel sized products) and in the A.C. Moore ad there is a %55 off coupon that is valid on Tuesday, April 12 ONLY as well as %50 off one item, good for the week. Also, Michael’s canvases and frames are on sale, 3 for 1. I hope there is a little something in here to help everyone save a few bucks.

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Free Makeup Plus Shipping

I am not a big makeup person. I am usually in a rush in the morning. For a long time I have beenCosmetics Compact Powder trying to better about it, and one of the easiest ways, and most cost effective ways to do this, has been looking for free samples. The Everyday Minerals website is great for this. Just go to https://www.everydayminerals.com/store/total-customization to order. You will have to pay shipping, but mine was not a lot. The samples are not large, enough for about one, maybe two uses. I do not know how many times you can order the samples, but if you do it more than once, I recommend making at least a small purchase, or adding it on to an existing purchase.


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Mypoints.com is very similar to inboxdollars and swagbucks. Like inboxdollars, it is possible to earn rewards by doing nothing more than reading e-mails and confirming them. Use this link to sign up. https://goo.gl/qXJGMo

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Meal Plan Themes

I figured the easiest way for me to figure out what to eat was to give each day a theme. This is what I decided to go with.

Meatless Mondays

Taco Tuesday (really Mexican food Tuesday)

Wacky Wednesday (Basically a day when I can pick whatever meal I want)

Pizza Thursday

Friday and Saturdays will be for Leftovers

Crockpot Sunday

These are based on my own personal work schedules. Feel free to copy whichever parts of it you like.

meal plan

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Crockpot Cooking

I’ve decided to experiment with healthy meal planning this week. I tend to get into a rut and just make the same things over and over, so I am going to try branching out with daily themes. My first night, Sunday, will be focused on making something in the crockpot. I found a recipe called salsa chicken. You can find it here: http://www.jennfehrenbacher.com/crockpot-salsa-chicken/. I made enough for leftovers so that I will have lunch tomorrow. I haven’t eaten yet, but it smells good. I have lot’s of canned corn on hand so I threw in a can of that.20160403_212407

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