Crafts to introduce kids to Yarn

If you are a knitter or crocheter, you most likely want to pass these skills along to children you see often. These are great ways to get them interested. I started by doing the crafts while talking to them, and letting them ask me about it if they were interested. Before long, they were begging me to get the yarn out, and one preteen girl learned to crochet on her own. pexels-photo-110876When they are ready to learn, here are some crafts to start with.

Finger knit and crochet: These are both very easy crafts that do not require any materials other than yarn. Both let kids practice the basics. Finished projects that you can make are limited, but some kids might just want to take it apart when they are done and start over. If they want to make something other than jewelry and scarves, there are lot’s of ideas on Pinterest.

Lucet: I have never tried using a lucet before. It is also known as a knitting fork. They are available on Etsy, and here is a good tutorial for making your own.

Yarn painting: This is meant for kids who may be too young to try the other projects, or are just not interested in them yet. It is a form of process art. There are a couple of ways to do this. You could let the child cover the yarn in glue and use it to make designs, or they could dip it in paint and drag it across paper and get creative with the design that it makes.

Drop spinning: If you have wool, or can get some, this is another fun activity, especially for children who always want to know where everything comes from. This tutorial shows how to make your own drop spindle, but it can also be bought on Etsy.

Spool knitting: Spool knitting has long been a great way to teach kids how to knit. It is a lot like loom knitting. While you can purchase really great spools online and in craft stores, kids can make their own out of household matierials. Here is a good demonstration of how to make one.

Making pom poms: This is a great project to do alongside some of these other ones. While I have made them using just my fingers and a pair of scissors, with kids I suggest using a fork or piece of cardboard for comfort, and to avoid cutting off circulation. Older kids may know not to wrap it to tight, so I advise supervision during this project. This article shows several different methods for making them.

Do you have crafty kids at home or school? What got them interested in yarn crafts?



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