Cosplay and Costuming

My last post was about feeding your hobbies while still being frugal about it. Lately, I have gotten into a hobby that is certainly classified as expensive. If you have ever done cosplay, you know what I’m talking about. I’m still new to it, but I thought I would share a few things that I have already learned about controlling costs.

Yesterday I took a moment to write down all of the parts of the costumes that I want to make. This included a costume that I am almost finished with. I also estimated the costs of each part. My first costume has already cost me $88 dollars, and I still have a ways to go. So you can see how things can get out of hand.


Diy will not always save you money, so do a cost analysis before you start buying supplies. However, learning to sew and make props is a key part of cosplaying so they will not only save you money most of the time, it can also make costuming easier because you have more freedom. It can even save you time because you will spend less time searching for the exact thing you need.

Don’t Forget About Shipping

Sometimes, shopping online will save you money. It also gives you a lot more options. However, before you click “Add to Cart” check how much shipping and taxes are. I bought a pair of tights from a local store for $18, which, after shipping from amazon, really wasn’t anymore than what I would have paid online.

Spread it out

My current project has been three years in the making. You don’t need to spread it out that long, mine was more out of laziness and not knowing how to sew than it was about money. Still, instead of buying everything at once, maybe buy one item each paycheck, or when you have a coupon, or on sale days. You can save money overall, and it won’t hurt your finances.

Change the vision to accommodate what you have

I just started an Ariel costume. As much as I would love to dress up as a mermaid, I decided to jump on the hipster bandwagon with it. I had intended to wear a plaid shirt, but since I had a solid shirt that would work just as well, without having to spend money. I also decided to wear flip flops that I had in a useful green, even though most pictures I saw had converses. I have less I need to buy, and the costume will be ready sooner.

Think about long term spending

Somethings, like undergarments and shoes, will work with more than one costume. To make sure they last for multiple wearings, it may be worth it to spend a little more and get better quality. This is were planning more than one costume can come in handy.

I hope this list will help some of you. If you have other suggestions, please share them.20160130_194117


About chesirecat136

I started this blog because most money-saving blogs are written by mothers, especially stay-at-home. I do not fit this bill, but I want to save money, and share with others how I do it.
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