Making Your Hobbies Affordable

Everyone has hobbies. They are one of those things that makes the daily grind a lot more fun. They do cost money, and if you aren’t careful, it can add up. Here are some ways to keep doing your favorite activities without it being cost prohibitive.

Use coupons and deals

There are sales or coupons available on almost everything that you want to buy, so if it is something that you like to purchase a lot, wait until you can get a cheaper deal. Thanks to groupon and livingsocial you can get deals on experiences and classes as well. Gift cards, especially those that you earn for free or purchase at a discount, can lead to even greater deals.

Make money with it

Are you particularly skilled at your hobbies? Perhaps you can get a side gig teaching it, or selling a finished product.  If you love to shop, you could even apply to be a mystery shopper, or go thrift shopping and sell the finds that are worth it.

Benefit others

Craft creations can be donated to charities, if you like participating in fun runs, find ones that donate the proceeds, find out what supplies local charities are in need of,  and go out shopping to purchase those items. While this doesn’t save you money, if helping others is a high priority for you, you can accomplish both.

Ask For it as Gifts

People love giving gifts that they know the other person will enjoy. Next time a gift-giving occasion is coming up, and people start asking you what you would like, ask for things that will help with your hobby, like supplies, gift cards, or tickets. Alternatively, you can share your hobby with the people who will enjoy it most. Get your friend a ticket to your shared favorite team, or treat them to a night out. Perhaps make them something.

Limit it

In a perfect world, we would do all of our favorite things as much as we felt like it. This isn’t always possible. Sometimes, you might just have to bite the bullet and cut back on going out, buying your favorite supplies, or buying a new outfit. Doing it less will make it more of a treat, and might even allow you to enjoy it more.

Use what you have

If you love supporting your favorite teams, where colors that you already own from past bowls. If they are old enough, you can even refer to them as vintage. Love putting together new outfits? Scour your closets and see what new looks you can put together. While you may be tempted to purchase new craft supplies, you probably have plenty on hand that would work well, or you can use pinterest to discover an upcycling project. Love going out with friends? Purchase a few drinks and invite them over and cook together.


Maybe you already are pretty frugal with your hobbies, but still aren’t getting enough out of it. Maybe you place a high priority on it. If this is the case, there are probably other places in your budget where you can cut corners. Cut back on non-necessities and put that money towards your hobby. Everyone has different priorities, so these decisions are yours to make.

Sure, hobbies can be expensive. Sure, that money can be used for other things. However, saving money should have a purpose. If you aren’t using the money to improve your life, then I’m not entirely sure what the point is. Use your money saving skills to be happier, and you cannot go wrong.



About chesirecat136

I started this blog because most money-saving blogs are written by mothers, especially stay-at-home. I do not fit this bill, but I want to save money, and share with others how I do it.
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