Things I happily pay for

Pinterest is rich with money-saving lists that guilt you for spending money. I hate to sound negative because they all make good points. No, you don’t need to get a regular manicure or indulge in Starbucks every day. But some things make life a little easier and are therefore worth spending on. This is my list of things that I will not feel bad about paying for.


Ok, so they have been annoying their customers lately. They put out a new flavor bottle that has less liquid in it for the same cost, and they offer “flavor pods,” one-time use capsules that release the liquid and get thrown away immediately after. Still, I like the taste of them and it is more convenient than running to the store for a two-litter.

Netflix and Hulu

These video streaming sites beat cable in so many ways. Even combined they are cheaper, and there are fewer commercials. I also get access to a lot of shows I have not seen in a long time, like my childhood favorite, Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Not to mention, both of them come out with original shows, cooler than anything on network television. Kimmy Schmidt is NBC’s loss.

Craft Supplies

This probably isn’t on everyone’s spending list, but I am a sucker for yarn. I could get my crochet fix by using what I have, or getting creative with plarn (which I have been known to do) but new yarn is a special treat for myself.

New Books

I have plenty of books already in my possesion, and I love hanging out at the library, but visiting book stores is fun, and so is buying a new book every once in awhile.


I’ll admit, this is probably something that I need to work on. I have a very cute reusable lunch bag, and I do not use it enough. This is mostly laziness, and poor timing. Unless I have leftovers, I am usually in too much of a rush to make a sandwich. But sometimes, it just feels nice to get away from work and take a lunch, even if it is just to grab something from Sheetz.

Going Out

I don’t really go out much, but I think it is healthy to do at least some times. Maybe a restaurant, or taking a class.

A Gym Membership

Yes, I pay for a gym membership. I also use it. Workout videos make a good supplement, but it is the same workout every time. A gym gives me all the equipment that I need, and makes working out a little bit different every time.Things I happily Pay for


About chesirecat136

I started this blog because most money-saving blogs are written by mothers, especially stay-at-home. I do not fit this bill, but I want to save money, and share with others how I do it.
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