Kroger Shopping

There are two Kroger stores located within a mile of my house. One I can safely walk to, the other one is brand new, big, and scary. I usually stick to the old small one. Today however, I ventured to the new one. It took me awhile to get everything, because it’s organized different than I’m used to.

Anyways, my cost before savings was $27.50, and my coupons and loyalty card brought me down to 19.01 for a savings of 31%. Special buys were the mustard for 40 cents, and the two loaves of bread for 29 cents a piece.

Also, Veet has a $2/1 for any Veet product. Kroger had their wax strips for $4.29. I hate their wax strips, so I opted out of this deal, but if you prefer wax, it’s a good time to go.


About chesirecat136

I started this blog because most money-saving blogs are written by mothers, especially stay-at-home. I do not fit this bill, but I want to save money, and share with others how I do it.
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