Hello world!

Since I started this type of blog, you can probably guess that I love saving coupons. I also have a mild addiction to free samples and will share my favorite sources. My biggest goal is to track my savings and spending.

A few things make this different from the usual money saving blog. I am only 23, a year out of college, childless, and not married. I am also traditionally employed, part-time. I don’t have a lot of time to shop around and price match, I want the simplest and most straight-forward way to save money. I am also very eco-conscious, so some of my posts and savings will focus on natural and organic products. I also don’t want to buy something, just because it’s cheap but I don’t need it.

I hope everyone enjoys this blog and learns a lot from it!


About chesirecat136

I started this blog because most money-saving blogs are written by mothers, especially stay-at-home. I do not fit this bill, but I want to save money, and share with others how I do it.
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